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User’s Manual - Page 1

User’s Manual v1.0 Lenovo P780 SP49A45793


Lenovo Mobile Phone - Page 2

1 User’s Manual Model: Lenovo P780 Read this manual carefully before operating the handset Lenovo Mobile Phone English


2 - Page 3



*may vary depending on local signal strength - Page 4

3 Specifications Product: Mobile phone WCDMA/GSM Model: Lenovo P780 Operating system: Android 4.2 Size: Approximately 143*73*9.95mm Weight: Approximately 178g (including battery) Standby time: Max. 848 hours * Battery capacity: 4000 mAh *may vary depending on local signal strength


4 - Page 5

4 Initial Setup Procedure Charging the phone Inserting the SIM cards Inserting the memory card


Port Assignment and Button Layout - Page 6

5 Port Assignment and Button Layout


Applications Overview - Page 7

6 Applications Overview Browser Browse websites. The web browser in this unit can access the Internet via the WLAN network for business and personal use. Email Receive/Send and view mails by linking directly to your mailbox. Gallery Browse and edits images. In an image full-screen page it supports slideshow functions, and operations such as Share, Set as, and Details. Contacts Add or delete contacts, and edit or delete contact details. Calendar Create new events, toggle the day view, week view and month view, and enable the event reminder function.


Precautions and Tips for P780 - Page 8

7 Precautions and Tips for P780 Never drop, strike, scratch, twist, knock, vibrate or push the P780 or place any heavy objects on it. Gently touch the P780. Keep the P780 away from any magnetic substances, mobile phones in conversation, electrical appliances or speakers. Avoid exposing the P780 to extreme temperatures (lower than -10°C or higher than 45°C). Do not place the P780 in a damp environment. Do not use corrosive detergents or solvents to clean your P780. Just wipe the P780 screen with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to clear fingerprints off it.


For your Safety and Notice - Page 9

8 For your Safety and Notice Please read these safety guidelines before using your mobile phone to assure the safe and obey the law. For driving safety While driving please obey local laws and regulations with regard to mobile phone use. Under very rare circumstances using the mobile phone in certain model cars may negatively effect the internal electronic equipment. In order to assure your safety under such circumstances please do not use the mobile phone. If your car is equipped with an airbag, please do not place your phone on top of, or within the contact area of the airbag in order to ..

9 - Page 10

9 Near danger materials area Please obey laws, regulations and signs, turn off your cell phone when near an area storing fuel, chemicals. In hospital Please turn off your mobile phone in hospitals especially near the medical instruments. Otherwise the normal operation of medical instruments will be affected by mobile phone and any other wireless transferring device. Please obey local regulations when using your mobile phone. Interfere Please do not use your mobile phone near low signal or precision electronic equipment. Radio wave interference may cause the malfunctioning of such electronic..

10 - Page 11

10 phone. The use of other batteries or chargers could result in battery leakage, overheating, cracking, fire or other malfunctions. Do not dispose of old batteries with everyday domestic garbage. Please dispose of old batteries at the directed places with specific rules for their disposal. Use normally Please do not subject your mobile phone to high temperatures (over 50°C) such as in direct sunlight, high humidity or dusty places; otherwise this may lead to the malfunction of your mobile phone. Please do not use alcohol, thinner, benzene or other solvents to wipe the mobile phone. Use a ..

11 - Page 12

11 accessories may be used. Lenovo does not give any performance or safety assurance for any products which are not made or approved by Lenovo. Do not disassemble or modify the battery, as this will cause the battery to leak, overheat, crack and catch fire. Do not dispose of old batteries with everyday domestic garbage. Please dispose of old batteries at the directed places with specific rules for their disposal. Please do not put/throw batteries into a fire, as this will cause the battery to catch fire and explode. When installing the battery, do not use force or pressure, as this will cau..

Charger safety - Page 13

12 using and replace it with a new battery. If the liquid from the battery comes in contact with skin or clothing this could cause burning of the skin. Immediately use clear water to rinse and seek medical attention if necessary. If the battery leaks or gives off a strange odor, please remove the battery from the vicinity of the open fire to avoid a fire or explosion. Please do not let the battery become wet as this will cause the battery to overheat, smoke and corrode. Please do not continuously charge for more than 24 hours. Please place the battery in a cool, shady and well-ventilated pl..

Use Safety, Clearing and Maintenance - Page 14

13 If charger has close contact with liquid, take off the charger from socket immediately to prevent further damage. Do not modify or dismantle the charger. Unauthorized modify or dismantle will result in damaging the charger or personnel. Please do not charge in humidity place. Humidity will cause over heat, corrosion of the batteries. Do not touch the charger, power line or socket with wet hands. Doing so may give you an electric shock or damage the phone. Do not store heavy article on top of power line or dismantle it. Doing so will cause electric shock and fire. Unplug the charger from ..

14 - Page 15

14 phones on a pacemaker or other piece of electronic medical equipment ,please contact the manufacturers or local sales agents of the equipment. This mobile phone is equipped with an auto power on function. Please refer to the mobile phone’s clock setting to assure that the mobile phone will not automatically turn on during a plane flight. To avoid the mobile phone malfunctioning, or catching fire, please do not violently impact, jolt or throw your mobile phone. Please do not place the batteries, mobile phone or charger in a microwave oven or high-pressure equipment. Otherwise it could l..

15 - Page 16

15 The mobile phone, battery and charger are not water resistant. Please do not use them in the bathroom or other excessively moist areas and likewise avoid allowing them to get wet in the rain. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the mobile phone, battery and charger. Please do not use alcohol, thinner, benzene or other solvents to wipe the mobile phone. A dirty outlet will cause poor electrical contact, lose of power and even inability to recharge. Please clean regularly. Prevent hearing damage Your Mobile phone has a headphone connector. Always use the headphone connector for headphones (also..

Take care when using your Mobile phone in a motor - Page 17

16 complies with EN 50332-2 Sub clause 7. This specification limits the Mobile phone maximum wide band true RMS output voltage to 150 mV. To help protect against hearing loss, ensure that the headphones or earphones you use also comply with EN 50332-2 (Clause 7 limits) for a wide band characteristic voltage of 75 mV. Using headphones that do not comply with EN 50332-2 can be dangerous due to excessive sound pressure levels. If your Mobile phone came with headphones or earphones in the package, as a set, the combination of the headphones or earphones and the Mobile phone already complies wit..

17 - Page 18

17 Dispose according to local laws and regulations When your Mobile phone reaches the end of its useful life, do not crush, incinerate, immerse in water, or dispose of your Mobile phone in any manner contrary to local laws and regulations. Some internal parts contain substances that can explode, leak, or have an adverse environmental affect if disposed of incorrectly. See “Recycling and environmental information” for additional information. Keep your Mobile phone and accessories away from small children Your Mobile phone contains small parts that can be a choking hazard to small childre..

18 - Page 19

18 Keep electrical appliances such as an electric fan, radio, high-powered speakers, air conditioner, and microwave oven away from your Mobile phone because the strong magnetic fields generated by these appliances can damage the screen and the data on the Mobile phone. Be aware of heat generated by your Mobile phone When your Mobile phone is turned on or the battery is charging, some parts might become hot. The temperature that they reach depends on the amount of system activity and the level of charge in the battery. Extended contact with your body, even through clothing, could cause disco..

Warning statement: - Page 20

19 Warning statement: A pleine puissance, l'écouteprolongée du baladeurpeutendommagerl'oreille de l'utilisateur.



20 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) certification information THIS DEVICE MEETS INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves (radio frequency electromagnetic fields) recommended by international guidelines. The guidelines were developed by an independent scientific organization (ICNIPP) and include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. The radio wave exposure guidelines use a unit of measurement kn..

21 - Page 22

21 During use, the actual SAR values for this device are usually well below the values stated above. This is because, for purposes of system efficiency and to minimize interference on the network, the operating power of your mobile devices is automatically decreased when full power is not needed for the call. The lower the power output of the device, the lower its SAR value. A body-worn SAR test has been performed on this device at a separation distance of 1.5cm.To meet RF exposure guidelines during body-worn operation, the device must be positioned at least 1.5cm away from the body. Organi..

Country-specific information is available at - Page 23

22 Recycling and environmental information General recycling statement Lenovo encourages owners of information technology (IT) equipment to responsibly recycle their equipment when it is no longer needed. Lenovo offers a variety of programs and services to assist equipment owners in recycling their IT products. For information on recycling Lenovo products, go to: http://www.lenovo.com/recycling Important WEEE information Country-specific information is available at http://www.lenovo.com/recycling . Recycling information for India Recycling and disposal information for India is available at:..

23 - Page 24

23 Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) Ukraine RoHS Цим підтверджуємо , що продукція Леново відповідає вимогам нормативних актів України , які обмежують вміст небезпечних речовин . India RoHS RoHS compliant as per E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011. Version number: V1.0


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