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©2011 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. 5/11/11 User Guide MOTOROLA XPRT™


Sprint UG_11a_092110 - Page 2

Sprint UG_11a_092110 Consejo: Para encontrar esta guía para usuarios en español, por favor visita a y haz clic en Support > Devices . To find this user guide in Spanish, please visit and click Support > Devices . Important Privacy Message – Sprint’s policies often do not apply to third-party applications. Third-party applications may access your personal information or require Sprint to disclose your customer information to the third-party application provider. To find out how a third-party application will collect, access, use, or disclose your per..

Table of Contents - Page 3

Table of Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i Section 1: Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1A. Setting Up Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Setting Up Your Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Activating Your Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Setting Up Your Voicemail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Setting Up Messaging & Social Networking Accounts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Sprint Account Passwords . . . . . . . . . . . ...

® - Page 4

Linking Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Synchronizing Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Making Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 2E. Calendar & Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 File Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Alarm Clock and Timer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Help Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Calculator . . . . . . . . . . ...

SM - Page 5

3D. Navigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Google Maps™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Latitude™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 TeleNav GPS Navigator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service . 71 Getting Started With Sprint Worldwide Service 71 Activating Global Roaming Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Making and Receiving Worldwide Calls . . . . . . 73 Sprint Voicemail Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 International Data Roaming . . . ...

Important Safety Information - Page 6

i Introduction This User Guide introduces you to Sprint ® service and all the features of your new MOTOROLA XPRT. It’s divided into four sections: ± Section 1: Getting Started ± Section 2: Your Phone ± Section 3: Sprint Service ± Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information Note: Because of updates in phone software, this printed guide may not be the most current version for your phone. Visit and sign in to access the most recent version of the user guide. WARNING: Please refer to the Important Safety Information section on page 82 to learn about information that will he..

Getting Started - Page 7

Section 1 Getting Started


Setting Up Your Phone - Page 8

2 1A. Setting Up Service ± Setting Up Your Phone (page 2) ± Activating Your Phone (page 3) ± Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 4) ± Setting Up Messaging & Social Networking Accounts (page 4) ± Sprint Account Passwords (page 4) ± Getting Help (page 5) Setting Up Your Phone 1. Install the battery. ² Remove the battery from its packaging. ² Insert the battery into the opening in the back of the phone, making sure the connectors align. Gently press down to secure the battery. ² Position the battery cover over the battery compartment and press down until you hear a click. 2. Charge yo..

1A. Setting Up Service - Page 9

1A. Setting Up Service 3 Setting Up Service ² If your phone is activated, it will turn on and show some setup instructions. ² If your phone is not yet activated, see “Activating Your Phone” on page 3 for more information. 4. Follow the prompts to add email and other accounts. Or, touch Skip to go to the home screen so you can start to make calls. You can add accounts later. ² Touch the android to begin. ² Log on to a Wi-Fi network. ² Set up or log into your Google account. ² Add additional accounts. Activating Your Phone ³ If you purchased your phone at a Sprint Store , it is pro..

If you skipped the setup steps when you first turned on - Page 10

4 1A. Setting Up Service Setting Up Your Voicemail Your phone automatically transfers all unanswered calls to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. You should set up your Sprint Voicemail and personal greeting as soon as your phone is activated. Always use a password to protect against unauthorized access. 1. Touch to open the dial screen, and then touch and hold 2. Follow the system prompts to: ² Create your password. ² Record your name announcement. ² Record your greeting. For more information about using your voicemail, see “Voicemail” on page 52. Setting Up ..

1A. Setting Up Service - Page 11

1A. Setting Up Service 5 Setting Up Service account, and your data services account. To ensure that no one else has access to your information, you will need to create passwords to protect your privacy. Account Username and Password If you are the account owner, you will create an account username and password when you sign on to . (Click Sign in and then click Sign up now! to get started.) If you are not the account owner (if someone else receives the bill for your Sprint service), you can get a sub-account password at . Voicemail Password You’ll create your..

From Your Sprint Phone - Page 12

6 1A. Setting Up Service From Your Sprint Phone ³ Touch to check minute usage and account balance. ³ Touch to make a payment. ³ Touch to access a summary of your Sprint service plan or get answers to other questions. From Any Other Phone ³ Sprint Customer Service: 1-888-211-4727 . ³ Business Customer Service: 1-800-927-2199 . Sprint 411 Sprint 411 gives you access to a variety of services and information, including residential, business, and government listings; movie listings or showtimes; driving directions, restaurant reservations, and major local event information. You can get up t..

Your Phone - Page 13

Section 2 Your Phone


Touch the Launcher icon. - Page 14

8 2A. Phone Basics ± Your Phone (page 8) ± Viewing Notifications (page 10) ± Turning Your Phone On and Off (page 11) ± Battery and Charger (page 11) ± Viewing Your Phone Number (page 12) ± Touch Tips & Navigation (page 13) ± Phone Setup Options (page 14) ± Making and Answering Calls (page 18) ± Entering Text (page 20) Your Phone Tip: Phone Software Upgrades – Updates to your phone’s software may become available from time to time. Sprint will automatically upload critical updates to your phone. You can also use the menu to check for and download updates. Touch > Settings..

From the home screen, press the voice key to start a - Page 15

2A. Phone Basics 9 Phone Basics Key Functions ³ Power/Screen Lock Button: turn the phone on or off or put the display to sleep. ³ Message Light: see when you have a new message or see your phone’s charging status at a glance. ³ Volume Buttons: adjust the ringer volume or adjust the voice volume during a call. ³ Home Key: return to the home screen. Press and hold the home key to see your most recently used apps. ³ Menu Key: open additional options for whatever screen you are viewing. ³ Micro USB Connector/Accessory Jack: connect the phone charger or an optional USB cable (included). ..

Viewing Notifications - Page 16

10 2A. Phone Basics ³ Touchscreen: display all the information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength. ³ Programmable Button: open your favorite feature with just one press. ³ 3.5mm Headset Jack: plug in either a stereo headset (included) or an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations. CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the phone. Viewing Notifications Your phone’s display provides information about your phone’s status and options. This list ident..

Turning Your Phone On and Off - Page 17

2A. Phone Basics 11 Phone Basics Turning Your Phone On and Off Turning Your Phone On ´ Press and hold the Power/Screen Lock button on the top of the phone. Once your phone is on, it may display “Searching for Service.” When your phone finds a signal, it enters standby mode – the phone’s idle state. At this point, you are ready to begin making and receiving calls. If your phone is unable to find a signal after 15 minutes of searching, a Power Save feature is automatically activated. When a signal is found, your phone automatically returns to standby mode. Turning Your Phone Off ´ P..

> Settings > About phone > Status - Page 18

12 2A. Phone Basics Installing the Battery ´ See “Setting Up Your Phone” on page 2. Removing the Battery 1. Make sure the power is off so that you don’t lose any stored numbers or messages. 2. Remove the back cover by pulling up from the notch at the bottom, and then remove the battery from the phone. Charging the Battery Keeping track of your battery’s charge is important. If your battery level becomes too low, your phone automatically turns off, and you will lose any information you were just working on. Always use a Sprint-approved or Motorola desktop charger, travel charger, or..

Touch Tips & Navigation - Page 19

2A. Phone Basics 13 Phone Basics Touch Tips & Navigation Here are some tips for navigating around your phone. Touch To choose an icon or option, touch it. Touch & hold To open special options, touch and hold an icon or other item. Try it: In the home screen, touch , and then touch and hold a contact to open options. Drag To scroll through a list or move slowly, drag across the touchscreen. Try it: In the home screen, touch , and then drag your Contacts list up or down. Flick To scroll through a list or move quickly, flick across the touchscreen (drag quickly and release). Browser Vo..

Touch the Launcher icon. - Page 20

14 2A. Phone Basics Zoom Get a closer look at maps or web pages. To zoom in, double- touch the screen. To zoom out, double- touch the screen again. You can also zoom in or out by pinching your fingers together or moving them apart on the screen. Phone Covers Your touchscreen might stay dark during calls if the sensor just above it is covered. Don’t use covers or screen protectors (even clear ones) that cover this sensor. Screen protectors can also interfere with touchscreen performance. Phone Setup Options Home Screen The home screen gives you all your latest information in one place. It..

Creating Widgets - Page 21

2A. Phone Basics 15 Phone Basics The home screen extends beyond what you see on the screen to give you more room for adding shortcuts, widgets, and more. Flick the home screen left and right to see more panels or to add widgets or shortcuts. Shortcuts To add shortcuts to the home screen, touch to open the app menu, and then touch and hold the shortcut you want. Or, touch > Add > Shortcuts . You can also add shortcuts directly to the home screen: touch and hold an empty spot on the home screen, touch Shortcuts , and select a shortcut. Widgets A widget is small app on the home screen th..

Setting Up Widgets - Page 22

16 2A. Phone Basics Setting Up Widgets You can customize some widgets. Touch a widget to open it, and then touch . You may already have several useful widgets on your home screen: ³ Messages : Change the widget name or choose how long it shows new messages. To add email accounts, see “Setting Up Messaging” on page 54. ³ Music : Set this widget to an artist, album, song, playlist, or just touch > Party shuffle . There’s more about “Music” on page 62. ³ News : Change the widget name, choose how long it shows new stories, or choose a news source. To choose a source, touch , and..

2A. Phone Basics - Page 23

2A. Phone Basics 17 Phone Basics Search ´ Touch Search to start a Google search. Programmable Side Key Set the key on the side of your phone to open the feature you use most. 1. To set the programmable side key, touch > Settings > Applications > Quick Launch . 2. Touch the item assigned to Side key (usually the first item on the list), and then touch an application. Note: You can also use the Voice search key on the keypad. Touch to search by voice. Touch here to enter text. Touch here for more search options. Tip: You can also use Quick Launch to set shortcuts for most of the key..

From the home screen, touch - Page 24

18 2A. Phone Basics Making and Answering Calls Making Calls ´ From the home screen, touch . In-Call Options 3:00 GHI ABC DEF MNO TUV PQRS WXYZ * + # 4 1 2 3 6 8 7 9 0 5 JKL Contacts Recent Favorites Dialer Type to search Backspace Delete digits. Recent Calls List Call Enter a phone number & then touch here. Call Voicemail Touch and hold for voicemail. Voice Commands Add Number To Contacts Active Call 00:12 Add cal Bluetooth Mute Dialpad End cal 3:00 Mobile (555) 555-7931 Chicago, IL Kristine Kelley Going to pottery tonight. Looking forward to it, it’s been forever... Speaker Call Tim..

Return to call in - Page 25

2A. Phone Basics 19 Phone Basics During a call: ³ To use a Bluetooth ® device, touch Bluetooth . (First, turn on your phone and pair it. See “Connecting New Devices” on page 47.) ³ To mute a call, touch Mute . ³ To use the speakerphone, touch Speaker . Answering Calls ´ To answer a call while the display is active, touch . When the display is not active, answer by dragging to the right. If the incoming call is from one of your Contacts, the person’s name is displayed. You may also see the caller’s phone number, if available. Ending a Call ´ To end a call, touch . Recent Calls ..

Always report your location to the 911 operator - Page 26

20 2A. Phone Basics Calling Emergency Numbers 1. Touch . (If your phone is locked, touch Emergency Call .) 2. Enter the emergency number. 3. Touch to call the emergency number. Enhanced 911 (E911) Information This phone features an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) chip necessary for utilizing E911 emergency location services where available. When you place an emergency 911 call, the GPS feature of your phone seeks information to calculate your approximate location. Depending on several variables, including availability and access to satellite signals, it may take up to 30 seconds or..

Touch to open a keypad for - Page 27

2A. Phone Basics 21 Phone Basics QWERTY Keyboard . Touchscreen Keypad Touch a text field to open a touchscreen keypad. Press Back to close it. To move the cursor, touch and hold a word to open a magnifier where you can drag the cursor. Multi-Touch Keypad Use the touchscreen keypad to enter letters one at a time. Typing Tips Tip: When you type, your phone suggests words for you. You can turn this on or off or explore other options by touching > Settings > Language & keyboard . Note: When you’re entering text, press the Voice Key to begin voice recognition dictation. Voice Key Sym..

Input Methods - Page 28

22 2A. Phone Basics Input Methods To select an input method, touch and hold a text entry area on the screen to open the Edit text menu. Touch Input method , and then touch the method you want. Auto-Correction As you type, your phone suggests words from your dictionary and chosen language. Your phone also automatically enters apostrophes in some words, like “dont.” You can also touch two keys at the same time, such as Shift with a letter. Text Input Settings ´ Touch > Settings > Language & keyboard . Enter one capital letter Touch Shift . Enter only capital letters, until you ..

Sound Settings - Page 29

2B. Settings 23 Settings ± Sound Settings (page 23) ± Display Settings (page 23) ± Location Settings (page 24) ± Airplane Mode (page 25) ± TTY Use With Sprint Service (page 25) ± Security Settings (page 26) Sound Settings Ringtones ´ To personalize your ringtones, touch > Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone or Notification ringtone . Adjusting the Phone’s Volume Settings ´ Press the volume buttons to change the ring volume (in the home screen), or the earpiece volume (during a call). Vibrate ´ To set your vibrate options, touch > Settings > Sound > Vibrate . Displ..

To apply a new wallpaper: - Page 30

24 2B. Settings ´ To set animation, touch > Settings > Display > Animation . Wallpaper To apply a new wallpaper: 1. Touch and hold an empty spot on your home screen. 2. Touch Wallpapers . 3. Touch Live Wallpapers , Media gallery , or Wallpapers , and choose a wallpaper. Display Language To set your menu language and region: ´ Touch > Settings > Language & keyboard > Select locale . Changing the Date & Time To set date, time, time zone, and formats: ´ Touch > Settings > Date & time . Location Settings Your phone is equipped with a Location feature for u..

Press and hold the Power/Screen Lock button - Page 31

2B. Settings 25 Settings To enable your phone’s Location feature: ´ Touch > Settings > Location & security and select one or more services to use. Airplane Mode Airplane Mode turns off all your wireless connections and allows you to use many of your phone’s features, such as Games, Notepad, and Voice Memos, when you are in an airplane or in any other area where making or receiving calls or data is prohibited. When you set your phone to Airplane Mode, it cannot send or receive any calls or access online information. ´ Press and hold the Power/Screen Lock button and then touch..

911 Emergency Calling - Page 32

26 2B. Settings Security Settings Screen Lock Lock the screen in the following ways: ´ Press the Power/Screen Lock button on top of the phone. ´ Let the screen time out (don’t press anything). ´ Switch the power off. To unlock the screen, press the Power/Screen Lock button. Then, drag to the right. Lock Pattern 1. To set the lock pattern, touch > Settings > Location & security > Set up screen lock > Pattern . 2. Follow the instructions to draw your lock pattern. 3. When prompted, draw the pattern to unlock the phone. Password or PIN Lock 1. To set the passcode, touch &g..

All data on your phone will be deleted. (Nothing - Page 33

2B. Settings 27 Settings Forgot Your Pattern Or Passcode? If you forget your pattern, password, or PIN, contact Sprint. Resetting Your Phone ´ To reset your phone to factory settings and erase all the data on your phone, touch > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone . WARNING: All data on your phone will be deleted. (Nothing on your memory card is deleted.)


To see all recent calls (call history): - Page 34

28 2C. History ± Recent Calls (page 28) ± Frequent Calls (page 28) Recent Calls To see all recent calls (call history): ´ Touch > Recent . ² To call a number, touch it. ² To send a text message, create a contact, view a contact, or other options, touch and hold an entry. ² To clear the list, touch > Clear list. Frequent Calls ´ Press > Favorites . ² To call a number, touch it. ² To send a text message, view a contact, or other options, touch and hold an entry. 2C. History


To search the list, begin typing a name. - Page 35

2D. Contacts 29 Contacts ± Viewing Contacts (page 29) ± Creating Contacts (page 30) ± Transferring Contacts (page 30) ± Calling Or Emailing Contacts (page 31) ± Viewing and Using Contacts (page 32) ± Editing Or Deleting Contacts (page 32) ± Linking Contacts (page 32) ± Synchronizing Contacts (page 32) ± Making Groups (page 33) Viewing Contacts From the home screen, touch 2D. Contacts Tip: To search the list, begin typing a name. Contacts: A-Z Arthur Baudo Barry Smyth Cheyenne Medina Christine Fanning Jim Somers Kat Bleser Kristin Cullen Contacts: All contacts Group Touch to choose ..

Creating Contacts - Page 36

30 2D. Contacts Creating Contacts 1. Touch > > Add contact . 2. Fill in as much or as little information as you'd like. 3. When you’re finished, touch Save . Transferring Contacts Get all your contacts, all in one place. Here’s a few helpful hints: ³ Use Gmail™ : All your Gmail contacts are automatically synced to your phone. Various computer applications for mobile phones and email accounts allow you to export your contacts as a “.CSV” file. You can then use Gmail to import the file. For more details, go to or log in to your Gmail account ..

Calling Or Emailing Contacts - Page 37

2D. Contacts 31 Contacts Transfering Contacts Using Your SIM Card 1. On your old phone, copy all the contacts you want to your SIM card. 2. Insert your SIM card in your new phone. See “Your SIM Card” on page 72. 3. To import the contacts from your SIM card, touch , and then touch > Import/Export . Transferring Contacts Using a microSD Card 1. On your old phone, copy all the contacts to your microSD card. (They'll be copied as a VCard file.) 2. Insert the microSD card in your new phone. See “Your Phone’s microSD Card” on page 38. 3. To import the contacts from your SIM card, tou..

32 - Page 38

32 2D. Contacts Viewing and Using Contacts When you set up a social networking account (see page 4), you’ll know what everybody’s up to and when. ´ Touch ² To find a contact, type the contact name. Touch a contact to open its details. Flick the screen left or right to see Social Networking updates or History . ² To change which group of contacts is shown ( All , Facebook , and so on), touch the filter name at the top. ² To change how you view the list of contacts, flick left or right at the bottom of the screen to select History (recently used), A-Z (list without status), or Status ..

Making Groups - Page 39

2D. Contacts 33 Contacts Making Groups ´ Touch > > Display group > Create new group . You can put your Contacts into groups that you create (like “friends”, “family”, or “work”). Then, you can find contacts faster by showing one group at a time.


You can set up multiple calendars through your Gmail - Page 40

34 2E. Calendar & Tools ± Calendar (page 34) ± File Manager (page 34) ± Alarm Clock and Timer (page 35) ± Calculator (page 35) ± Updating Your Phone (page 36) Calendar ´ Touch > Calendar . Your calendar events can be viewed in different ways: Touch > Agenda , Day , Week , or Month . When you highlight an event, more details appear. Adding Calendar Events 1. From any view, touch > More > New event. Enter the event start time and other details. You can even set a reminder so you don’t forget about the event. (When you set the reminder time to 0 minutes , it plays at th..

2E. Calendar & Tools - Page 41

2E. Calendar & Tools 35 Calendar / Tools Touch a file or folder to open, and then touch and hold a file to Delete or Share . Alarm Clock and Timer Alarm Clock Your phone has multiple alarm capabilities. ´ Touch > Alarm & Timer > Alarm . ² To turn on an alarm, touch the check box. ² When an alarm sounds, slide to Dismiss to turn it off or Snooze to delay for five minutes. ² To add an alarm, touch > Add alarm , and then enter alarm details. Touch Done when you are finished. ² To enable or disable an alarm, touch the check box. Timer To set a timer: 1. Touch > Alarm &a..

Updating Your Phone - Page 42

36 2E. Calendar & Tools Updating Your Phone Stay up to date with the latest software updates for your phone. You can check, download and install updates using your phone, or using your computer: ³ Using your phone: You may get an automatic notification of an available update on your phone. Simply follow the instructions to download and install. To manually check for updates, touch > Settings > About phone > System updates . Select one of these options: ² Update firmware: Your phone downloads any updates over your mobile network. Remember, these updates can be quite large (25M..

2F. Voice Services - Page 43

2F. Voice Services 37 Voice Services Voice Actions ´ To begin a voice search, press the Voice key on the keypad. Or, press the Voice key and say one of the following commands: Voice Commands For more voice commands, touch > Voice Commands and follow the prompts. Note: If you’re writing a text message, press the Voice key to begin dictation mode. Your phone recognizes words you speak and enters them into your message. To... Say... Map a route “navigate to” Send a text message “send text” Make a call “call” Send email “send email” Find local businesses “map of...” 2F..

Your Phone’s microSD Card - Page 44

38 2G. microSD Card ± Your Phone’s microSD Card (page 38) ± microSD Card Settings (page 39) ± microSD Card Files (page 39) ± Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer (page 39) Your Phone’s microSD Card The microSD Card Your phone is equipped with a preinstalled microSD (Secure Digital) memory card to expand the phone’s available memory space. It allows you to store images, videos, music, and voice data in your phone. Inserting the microSD Card Note: You can easily damage the microSD card by improper operation. Please be careful when inserting, removing, or handling them. 2G. microSD..

Viewing Memory in the microSD Card - Page 45

2G. microSD Card 39 microSD Card microSD Card Settings Viewing Memory in the microSD Card ´ With the microSD card inserted, touch > Settings > SD card & phone storage . (The used and available memory space will be displayed.) Formatting the microSD Card 1. Before you remove or format your memory card you need to unmount it. Touch > Settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card . 2. To format your memory card, touch Format SD card . microSD Card Files ´ Touch > Files > SD card . Touch a file or folder to open, and then touch and hold a file to Delete or ..

Note: - Page 46

40 2G. microSD Card 2. On your phone, flick down the status bar to see the USB connection options. 3. Touch an option: ² Motorola Phone Portal : Connect your phone and computer with a cable or a Wi-Fi network to share files through an easy-to-use home screen. ² Windows ® Media Player Sync : Share media files between your computer and phone. ² USB mass storage : Drag and drop files between your computer and memory card folders. When you’re done, use “Safely Remove Hardware” before disconnecting the USB cable. ² Charge Only : Use the connection only to charge a device. Note: Make s..

Taking Photos - Page 47

2H. Camera 41 Camera ± Taking Photos (page 41) ± Recording Videos (page 43) ± Viewing Photos & Videos (page 44) ± Managing Photos and Videos (page 45) Taking Photos Take that family photo, and post it online for everyone to see. 1. Touch > . 2. To take the photo, touch the viewfinder to lock the focus, and then touch to take the photo. ² To upload the photo to an online photo album, touch . You can set your Quick upload album when you upload your first picture. ² To send the photo in a message or post it online, touch . ² To delete the photo, touch > Delete . Tip: You can a..

Photo Options - Page 48

42 2H. Camera Photo Options You can make adjustments to optimize your shot. Touch a button on the right side of the screen to make changes (touch the screen to turn on the buttons if necessary): • Scenes : Adjust for better image capture in different environments: Auto , Portrait , Landscape , Sport , and more. Touch the screen when finished to return to the viewfinder. • Effects : Change photo look: Normal , Negative , Black and White , and more. • Flash : Set Flash On , Flash Off , or Auto Flash . • Switch to : Toggle between photo and camcorder modes. Camera Settings In the viewf..

Recording Videos - Page 49

2H. Camera 43 Camera Recording Videos 1. Touch > Camcorder . 2. To record the video, touch . Touch to stop the recording. 3. Open your gallery and touch a video to view options: ² To play the video, touch . ² To upload the video to an online album, touch . ² To send the video in a message or post it online, touch . ² To delete the video, touch > Delete . Video Options You can make adjustments to optimize your video. Touch one of the buttons on the right side of the viewfinder to make changes (you may need to touch the screen to make the buttons appear): ³ Scenes : Adjust for bett..

To send your photo in a message or post it online: - Page 50

44 2H. Camera Viewing Photos & Videos ´ Touch > Gallery . Touch a folder to display all of its photos or videos. ³ Camera roll : All of the captured photos and videos on your phone. ³ My Tags : Photos and videos grouped by tag. ³ Folders – Photos and videos grouped by the folders where they’re saved. ³ All photos – All photos, no groupings. ³ All videos – All videos, no groupings. View Photos and Videos The Gallery first shows photos and videos as thumbnails. Scroll through the thumbnails by flicking them left or right. Touch a thumbnail to select it for viewing or play..

To copy photos to/from a computer, go to “Connecting - Page 51

2H. Camera 45 Camera 4. Choose how you want to share, such as Bluetooth , Email , Text Messaging , and more. Managing Photos and Videos 1. Touch > Gallery . 2. Select an image. 3. Touch and hold a photo or video, and then touch , , or (to edit, delete, set as, print, and more). Tip: To copy photos to/from a computer, go to “Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer” on page 39.


Turning Bluetooth On or Off - Page 52

46 2I. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi ± Using Bluetooth ® (page 46) ± Connecting With Wi-Fi (page 48) Using Bluetooth ® Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth-enabled handhelds, computers, printers, and wireless phones. The Bluetooth communication range is usually up to approximately 30 feet. ´ Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings . Turning Bluetooth On or Off ´ Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Blu..

2I. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi - Page 53

2I. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi 47 Bluetooth Connecting New Devices To connect with a new device, you need to pair with it. You only need to do this once for each device – to connect again, just turn on the device. 1. Make sure the device you are pairing with is in discoverable mode. 2. Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings . 3. Touch Bluetooth to turn on and scan. If Bluetooth power is already on, touch Scan for devices . 4. Touch a device to connect. 5. If necessary, touch OK , or enter the device passkey (like 0000 ) to connect to the device. When the devic..

To use a Wi-Fi computer network for even faster Internet - Page 54

48 2I. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Editing Settings ´ Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings > Device name . Enter a name and touch OK . Connecting With Wi-Fi To use a Wi-Fi computer network for even faster Internet access: ´ Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings . Turning Wi-Fi On or Off ´ Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi . Note: Your phone's Wi-Fi features and power levels are not allowed for outdoor operation in France. To avoid unlawful interference with radio signals, do not use the Wi-Fi featur..

You can set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide - Page 55

49 Wi-Fi Search and Connect To find networks in your range: 1. Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings . 2. Touch Wi-Fi to turn on and scan. If Wi-Fi is already on, touch > Scan . Your phone lists the networks it finds within range. 3. Touch a network to connect. 4. If necessary, enter Network SSID , Security , and Wireless password , and touch Connect . When your phone is connected to the network, the wireless indicator appears in the status bar. Wi-Fi Hotspot You can set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide portable, convenient internet access for up..

is the weakest option because it is highly - Page 56

50 2I. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi ² Security : Select the type of security you want, and touch Save : WEP , WPA , or WPA2 . Enter a unique Wireless password . Other users can access your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they enter the correct password. ² Channel : Select a channel that minimizes potential interference. You may need to try different channels after your hotspot is active for a time. 3. Touch Save when the settings are complete. Activating the Hotspot ´ Touch > 3G Mobile Hotspot > Tap to start Mobile Hotspot service . When your Wi-Fi hotspot is active, other Wi-Fi enabled devices can..

Sprint Service - Page 57

Section 3 Sprint Service


If you have a shortcut on your home screen, just touch - Page 58

52 3A. Sprint Basics ± Voicemail (page 52) ± Messaging (page 53) ± Making a Conference Call (page 56) ± Roaming (page 56) Voicemail Setting Up Your Voicemail To set up voicemail, see “Setting Up Your Voicemail” on page 4 . Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages When you have a new voicemail, shows at the top of your screen. To hear the message, touch , and then touch and hold . If you need to change your voicemail number, in the home screen touch > Settings > Call settings > Voicemail settings . 3A. Sprint Basics Tip: If you have a shortcut on your home screen, just touch Voice..

Touch to open a message. - Page 59

3A. Sprint Basics 53 Sprint Service Messaging View your text, IM, and email messages all in one place. View Your Inbox ´ Touch > Messaging > Universal Inbox . Reading and Replying to Messages ´ Touch > Messaging > Universal Inbox . ² To open a text message or social networking message and all of its replies, touch it. ² To reply to a message, just open it and enter your response in the text box at the bottom. ² To forward a text message, touch and hold a message in the conversation, and then touch Forward message . For email, touch to choose a reply or forward option. ² To..

Sending and Receiving Attachments - Page 60

54 3A. Sprint Basics 2. Choose a message type, such as Text Messaging or Facebook . Then, enter the recipient and message. In text messages and emails, touch for options such as Insert... or Insert smiley . Sending and Receiving Attachments ´ To send a file in a message, open a new message and touch > Insert . When you receive a message with an attachment, open the message and touch the file name to download it. Then, touch the name again to open it. Some file formats can be converted to HTML for faster viewing, and your phone will show Get HTML version . While viewing the attachment, t..

Social Networking - Page 61

3A. Sprint Basics 55 Sprint Service Email The first time you turned on your phone (see page 2), you were prompted to log in to your Gmail™ account. You can add any other email account that you set up. To add other email accounts to your Messaging widget and Universal Inbox , touch > Messaging > , and then touch Manage accounts > Add account . On the Setup accounts screen, touch Email or Corporate Sync and enter your email account information. Instant Messages To send and receive instant messages, use an instant messaging app or your browser. Your device comes preloaded with Googl..

To turn Call Guard on or off: - Page 62

56 3A. Sprint Basics Making a Conference Call With 3-way calling, you can talk to two people at the same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged for each of the two calls. ´ To start a conference call, call the first number. After the call connects, touch Add Call . Dial the next number, or select it from contacts or favorites. When the next number answers, touch Merge calls . Roaming Roaming Icon Your phone lets you know when you’re off the Nationwide Sprint Network. Anytime you are roaming, the phone shows the roaming icon ( ). Setting Voicemail While Ro..

To set your Data Roam Guard notification: - Page 63

3A. Sprint Basics 57 Sprint Service Data Roam Guard Depending on service availability and roaming agreements, your phone may be able to access data services while roaming on certain digital systems. You can set your phone to alert you when you are roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network and try to use data services such as messaging. To set your Data Roam Guard notification: 1. Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Roaming Guards . 2. Check or uncheck Data under Domestic CDMA and International CDMA . To use data services when Data Roam Guard is active:..

If you can’t connect, contact Sprint. - Page 64

58 3B. Web and Apps ± Surfing the Web (page 58) ± Android Market™ (page 59) ± Downloading Apps (page 60) ± YouTube™ (page 61) Surfing the Web ´ To open the browser, touch Browser . 3B. Web and Apps Note: If you can’t connect, contact Sprint. New window Web Images Local News more Refresh Bookmarks Forward Windows More Near me now Chicago Google 1:53 PM Touch for browser options.


You must set up a Gmail account (see “Setting Up Your - Page 65

3B. Web and Apps 59 Web and Apps Connect Your phone uses the mobile phone network (over the air) or a Wi-Fi connection to automatically access the Web. To use a Wi-Fi connection, touch > Settings > Wireless & networks . Touch Wi-Fi to turn it on and touch Wi-Fi settings to search for nearby wireless networks. Touch a network to connect. Select Links When you touch a link, your phone outlines it and goes to that page. If you touch and hold the link, your phone shows options, such as Open in new window or Bookmark link . See Options Touch with the browser open to see browser options..

Browsing and Installing Apps - Page 66

60 3B. Web and Apps Browsing and Installing Apps ´ Scroll to and touch the app you want to install. Then, touch Install (if app is free) or Buy . If an app you are downloading requires access to your data or control of functions on your phone, you’ll be asked to give your permission. After selecting Install , the app will download. After selecting Buy , you may be asked to sign in to an additional Google™ account. Sign in and select Purchase now to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions. To see the download progress, open the notifications window. After you download an app, the ico..

3B. Web and Apps - Page 67

3B. Web and Apps 61 Web and Apps ´ To clear your download history, touch > Clear list. To cancel, touch > Cancel all downloads . YouTube™ Share videos with YouTube users everywhere. You don’t need a YouTube account to browse and view videos. ´ Touch > YouTube . Note: If you want a YouTube account, go to . To create an account or sign in, touch > My account . To Browse or Upload videos, touch


Your Music Community - Page 68

62 3C. Entertainment ± Music (page 62) ± Digital Living (page 64) ± Sprint Entertainment Options (page 66) Music 1. Touch > Music > My Music . Your music is stored by artists, albums, songs, and playlists. Touch a category, and then touch the song or playlist you want to play. Touch Shuffle These Songs to randomly play all your songs, or touch Search to look for a song. 2. Touch a song or playlist to start playing music. Your Music Community Touch, touch, play — instant music. Just open your music library, then select what you want to play. 3C. Entertainment Artists Music Library..

Song identification may not be successful if the music - Page 69

3C. Entertainment 63 Entertainment ´ Touch > Music . My Music: Listen to your tunes. Radio: Surf the airwaves for fresh music. There’s something for everyone. You need a headset for FM Radio. Check out SHOUTcast™ Radio for music from all generations and types. Music Videos: Watch videos from YouTube™, prerecorded TV shows, and your own videos. Community: Find songs, see what people are listening to all around the world, and see what’s hot on the music charts. Song Identification: Get information about a song that is playing. Select Tell me what is playing and hold your phone clo..

Share your media on DLNA devices on your network: - Page 70

64 3C. Entertainment What audio file formats can I play? Your phone can play many types of files: AAC, AMR, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC+, and MIDI. What headphones can I use? Your phone has a 3.5mm headset jack for wired stereo listening. You can go wireless with Bluetooth ® stereo headphones or speakers. (See “Using Bluetooth ® ” on page 46.) Getting Music You can transfer music from your computer to your phone by using a USB connection. For more information on transferring music, see “Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer” on page 39. Digital Living Media Share Media Share is an easy wa..

3C. Entertainment - Page 71

3C. Entertainment 65 Entertainment Connecting First, connect to a Wi-Fi ® network or another device: • Connect to your computer with a USB cable. (See “Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer” on page 39.) • Connect to a Wi-Fi network or use your own Wi-Fi hotspot. (See “Connecting With Wi-Fi” on page 48.) Media Share will lead you the rest of the way. Your Media Share World ´ To use Media Share, touch > M edia Share . Then, select the Media Share feature you want to use. ² Share media: allow other devices to access media files on your phone. Without downloading any media f..

Sprint Entertainment Options - Page 72

66 3C. Entertainment Share Using DLNA Expand the ways you can enjoy your photos and videos on a DLNA Certified computer, TV, or monitor, using your own Wi-Fi network. Make sure your phone is connected to an active Wi-Fi network and has access to a DLNA Certified device. 1. Touch > DLNA . 2. Touch Play media , Copy media to server, Copy media to phone , or Share media . Then follow the instructions you see on your phone. Sprint Entertainment Options Sprint Music Plus In addition to the Music application, your phone offers Sprint Music Plus, an all-in-one music store and player for full so.. - Page 73

3C. Entertainment 67 Entertainment Sprint Radio Listen to streaming music through your phone’s Sprint Radio app. ´ Touch > Sprint Radio. Sprint TV Live TV and video on demand. Complete episodes and clips of your favorite primetime shows. Over 50 channels of news, entertainment, weather, sports, and streaming music. 1. Touch > Sprint TV. 2. Touch a category to begin browsing. 3. Touch a show or movie to begin watching it, or touch More to explore more options, such as subscription upgrades and special channels. Visit for more information on channels and pricing. A..

Google Maps™ (page 68) - Page 74

68 3D. Navigation ± Google Maps™ (page 68) ± Latitude™ (page 69) ± TeleNav GPS Navigator (page 70) Google Maps™ ´ Touch > Maps . Google Maps offers powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information — including business locations, contact information, and driving directions. For help, touch > More > Help . Tip: Want to know what’s in your immediate area? Try Google Places™. Touch > Places to see listings for Restaurants , ATMs , Gas Stations , and more based on your current location. 3D. Navigation N Clark St Wacker Dr M E Ohio St N Rush St..

Adding and Removing Friends - Page 75

3D. Navigation 69 Navigation Latitude™ See where your friends and family are on Google Maps™. Plan to meet up, check that your parents got home safely, or just stay in touch. Don’t worry, your location is not shared unless you agree to it. You need to join Latitude, and then invite your friends to view your location or accept their invitations. When using Google Maps, touch > Join Latitude . Read the privacy policy and if you agree with it, touch Agree & Share . Adding and Removing Friends ´ Touch > Maps > > Latitude . To add friends: 1. Touch > Add friends or touc..

TeleNav GPS Navigator - Page 76

70 3D. Navigation Hiding Your Location ´ To hide your location from a friend, touch > Latitude to show your friend’s list. Touch your contact name, and then touch > Edit privacy settings > Hide your location . Turning Off Google Latitude ´ Touch > Latitude to show your friends list. Touch > Edit privacy settings > Turn off Latitude . TeleNav GPS Navigator You can also use TeleNav GPS Navigator to get around. Use your keyboard or your voice to get step- by-step directions to your destination, get traffic updates, hear about the weather, and more. 1. Touch > TeleNav G..

To activate Sprint Worldwide service: - Page 77

3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 71 Sprint Worldwide Service ± Getting Started With Sprint Worldwide Service (page 71) ± Activating Global Roaming Mode (page 72) ± Making and Receiving Worldwide Calls (page 73) ± Sprint Voicemail Service (page 74) ± International Data Roaming (page 75) ± Understanding Status Messages (page 76) ± Contacting Sprint (page 79) Getting Started With Sprint Worldwide Service Before using your device in global roaming mode, you must activate Sprint Worldwide service. To activate Sprint Worldwide service: ´ Chat with or email an international support..

Activating Global - Page 78

72 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service Your SIM Card Your phone comes with a preinstalled SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card to support roaming on compatible GSM networks . 1. Hook your fingernail into the slot at the bottom of the battery cover and remove the cover. Remove the battery. 2. Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts on the SIM card face down and the cut off corner points to the bottom-right corner of your device. 3. Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot until it stops. 4. Replace the battery and battery cover. (See “Setting Up Your Phone” on page 2.) Activa..

To use Plus Code Dialing to place an international call: - Page 79

3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 73 Sprint Worldwide Service ² To allow connections to the Nationwide Sprint Network only, touch Sprint Only . ² To allow connections to CDMA networks only, touch Any CDMA . ² To allow connections to GSM or UMTS networks only, touch Any GSM/UMTS . ² To allow connections to available CDMA or GSM/UMTS networks, touch Automatic . Making and Receiving Worldwide Calls When travelling on international networks, you can place and answer calls as you would on the Sprint network (see “Making and Answering Calls” on page 18), although some additional in..

Setting Up Your Voicemail Access - Page 80

74 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 3. Touch to insert the US country code, and then enter the area code and number. 4. Touch to place the call. Sprint Voicemail Service Your Sprint voicemail will follow you as you travel. All of your unanswered calls will be forwarded to your Sprint voicemail. You will need to be sure your voicemail box is already set up and that you know your voicemail password. Setting Up Your Voicemail Access Number To simplify accessing your Sprint Voicemail while travelling, you can set up your voicemail access number as a Contacts entry. This will make it fas..

Prior to using your Sprint Worldwide GSM/UMTS Data - Page 81

3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 75 Sprint Worldwide Service Retrieving Voicemail Messages The voicemail retrieval process while travelling is the same as on the Sprint Network; however, you will be required to enter your voicemail password. To retrieve your voicemail messages: 1. Touch > , touch the voicemail entry and then touch the number to call it . 2. When your voicemail answers, press , enter the password and press to access your voicemail. Voicemail Troubleshooting Please keep the following tips in mind when using Sprint voicemail while travelling: ³ Some carriers may no..

Understanding Status Messages - Page 82

76 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service Accessing Your Email and Data Services on GSM/UMTS Networks To access your email and browse the Web when travelling, you may need to manually select the carrier that provides Sprint service in your location. You can find a list of carriers for each country where GSM data service is offered at . Then, follow the instructions below to select the appropriate carrier network on your phone. To select a GSM data service carrier for a specific country: 1. Touch > > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks. 2. Ch..

Sprint Worldwide Service - Page 83

3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 77 Sprint Worldwide Service Status Messages Message Description Number Not in Service The number that you entered is not valid. User Not Available The phone that you called is either busy, out-of-range, or turned off. Please try again later. User Not Authorized The phone that you called is either busy, out-of-range, or turned off. Please try again later. Please Try Later This service is temporarily not available. Please try again later. Service Restricted Service may not be activated properly. Please contact Sprint Customer Service to report the issu..

Status Messages - Page 84

78 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service Self Check Error A fault was detected with your phone. If this error recurs, note the error and contact Sprint Customer Service. Self Check Fail An operational fault was detected with your phone. Note the numeric code, turn your phone off, and contact Sprint Customer Service. Wrong PIN You have entered an incorrect SIM PIN number. You have only three attempts to enter your PIN. After a third unsuccessful attempt, your phone will be locked and you will have to call Sprint Customer Service to have it unlocked. Sprint sets the default to PIN off; if ..

Please call the numbers below if you need - Page 85

3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service 79 Sprint Worldwide Service Contacting Sprint If you experience any issues with voice or data services while outside of the United States, Sprint offers customer support 24 hours a day. In the event that you do experience an issue, try the following actions: ³ First try powering your device off and then back on; this will force your phone to reregister with the network. ³ Try manually selecting another network. Information for selecting networks can be found in the phone guide. If neither of these actions resolves your issue, you will need to conta..

Country - Page 86

80 3E. Sprint Worldwide SM Wireless Service Country From Landline Phone Caribbean (Anguila, Barbados, Cayman Islands, and Dominica) 1-888-226-7212 France 0800-903200 Germany 0800-180-0951 Italy 800-787-986 Mexico 001-877-294-9003 Trinidad and Tobago 1-800-201-7545 United Kingdom 0808-234-6616 Note: This toll free service is available on ordinary landline phones and some public pay phones. This service does not cover any hotel access charges.


Safety and Warranty - Page 87

Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information


For the best care of your phone, only Sprint-authorized - Page 88

82 4A. Important Safety Information ± General Precautions (page 82) ± Maintaining Safe Use of and Access to Your Phone (page 83) ± Using Your Phone With a Hearing Aid Device (page 84) ± Caring for the Battery (page 86) ± Radio Frequency (RF) Energy (page 86) ± Owner’s Record (page 88) ± User Guide Proprietary Notice (page 89) This phone guide contains important operational and safety information that will help you safely use your phone. Failure to read and follow the information provided in this phone guide may result in serious bodily injury, death, or property damage. General Pre..

Maintaining Safe Use of and Access - Page 89

4A. Important Safety Information 83 Important Safety Information Maintaining Safe Use of and Access to Your Phone Do Not Rely on Your Phone for Emergency Calls Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions. Therefore you should never rely solely upon any mobile phone for essential communication (e.g., medical emergencies). Emergency calls may not be possible on all cellular networks or when certain network services or mobile phone features are in use. Check with your local service provider for details. Using Your Phone While Driving Talking o..

Turning Off Your Phone in Dangerous Areas - Page 90

84 4A. Important Safety Information Turning Off Your Phone in Dangerous Areas To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phone off when in a blasting area or in other areas with signs indicating two-way radios should be turned off. Construction crews often use remote-control RF devices to set off explosives. Turn your phone off when you’re in any area that has a potentially explosive atmosphere. Although it’s rare, your phone and accessories could generate sparks. Sparks can cause an explosion or fire, resulting in bodily injury or even death. These areas are often, but no..

New Technologies, Including Wi-Fi - Page 91

4A. Important Safety Information 85 Important Safety Information out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs. M-Ratings : Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices than unrated phones. (M4 is the better/higher of the two ratings.) T-Ratings : Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to be more usable with a hearing device’s telecoil (“T Switch” or “Telephone Switch”) than unrated phones. (T4 is the better/higher of the ..

Protecting Your Battery - Page 92

86 4A. Important Safety Information Caring for the Battery Protecting Your Battery The guidelines listed below help you get the most out of your battery’s performance. ³ Recently there have been some public reports of wireless phone batteries overheating, catching fire, or exploding. It appears that many, if not all, of these reports involve counterfeit or inexpensive, aftermarket-brand batteries with unknown or questionable manufacturing standards. Sprint is not aware of similar problems with Sprint phones resulting from the proper use of batteries and accessories approved by Sprint or ..

Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for Wireless - Page 93

4A. Important Safety Information 87 Important Safety Information Knowing Radio Frequency Safety The design of your phone complies with updated NCRP standards described below. In 1991–92, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) joined in updating ANSI’s 1982 standard for safety levels with respect to human exposure to RF signals. More than 120 scientists, engineers and physicians from universities, government health agencies and industries developed this updated standard after reviewing the available body of resear..

FCC Radio Frequency Emission - Page 94

88 4A. Important Safety Information FCC Radio Frequency Emission This phone meets the FCC Radio Frequency Emission Guidelines. FCC ID number: IHDP56LK1. More information on the phone’s SAR can be found from the following FCC website: . FCC Notice This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Changes or modifications not expressly approv..

4A. Important Safety Information - Page 95

4A. Important Safety Information 89 Important Safety Information User Guide Proprietary Notice Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas; additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Contact your service provider for details. All features, functionality, and other product specifications, as well as the information contained in this guide, are based upon the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications w..

Motorola Limited Warranty for the United - Page 96

90 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty ± Manufacturer’s Warranty (page 90) Your phone has been designed to provide you with reliable, worry-free service. If for any reason you have a problem with your equipment, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty in this section. For information regarding the terms and conditions of service for your phone, please visit or call Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 . Manufacturer’s Warranty Motorola Limited Warranty for the United States and Canada What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola..

4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty - Page 97

4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty 91 Warranty Products and Accessories Exclusions (Products and Accessories) Normal Wear and Tear. Periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear are excluded from coverage. Batteries. Only batteries whose fully charged capacity falls below 80% of their rated capacity and batteries that leak are covered by this limited warranty. Abuse & Misuse. Defects or damage that result from: (a) improper operation, storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.) to the surface of the prod..

Products Covered - Page 98

92 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty Unauthorized Service or Modification. Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, or modification in any way by someone other than Motorola, or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage. Altered Products. Products or Accessories with (a) serial numbers or date tags that have been removed, altered or obliterated; (b) broken seals or that show evidence of tampering; (c) mismatched board serial numbers; or (d) nonconforming or non-Motorola housings, or parts, are excluded from coverage...

4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty - Page 99

4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty 93 Warranty Who is Covered? This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable. What Will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new Products, Accessories or parts. No data, software or applications added to your Product, Accessory or Software, including but not limited to personal contacts, games and ringer tones, ..

94 - Page 100


Index - Page 101

Index 95 Index Index Numerics 3-Way Call 56 A Abbreviated Dialing 20 Activation 3 Airplane Mode 25 Alarm Clock 35 Android Market 59 Answering Calls 19 Apps, Downloading 60 B Battery 11 – 12 Capacity 11 Charging 2 , 12 Disposal 86 Installing 12 Bluetooth 46 – 48 C Calculator 35 Calendar 34 Adding Events 34 Call Guard 56 Camcorder 43 Clock Display 24 D Data Roam Guard 56 , 57 Data Services Password 5 Date & Time 10 , 24 Dialing Options 18 Directions 68 Display Screen 23 Language 24 E Emergency Numbers 20 Enhanced 911 (E911) 20 Entering Text 20 – 22 F FCC Notice 88 File Manager 34 G ..

96 - Page 102

96 Index Formatting 39 Installing 38 Missed Calls 19 Music Downloading 39 , 64 Playing 62 N NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile 67 Navigation 68 O Owner’s Record 88 P Phone (illus.) 8 Phone Number Displaying 12 Phone Settings 23 – 27 Airplane Mode 25 Display Settings 23 – 24 Language 24 Location Settings 24 Sound Settings 23 TTY Use 25 Phone Updates 36 Pictures 44 Plus (+) Code Dialing 20 R Resetting Your Phone 27 Ringers Vibrate 23 Roaming 56 –57 Call Guard 56 Data Roam Guard 56 , 57 Roam Mode 56 S Safety Information 82 – 89 Screen Lock 26 Settings 23 – 27 SMS Text Messaging 53 Software U..

Index - Page 103

Index 97 Index Three-Way Calling 56 Transferring Files 39 TTY Use 25 Turning Your Phone On and Off 11 U Updating Your Phone 36 USB 39 V Vibrate 23 Video Camera 43 Videos 44 Voicemail Retrieving 52 Setting Up 4 , 52 Volume 23 W Warranty 90 Wi-Fi 48 Wireless Bluetooth 46 Wi-Fi 48


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