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Telephone base display icons - Page 1

Install the battery Install the battery as shown below. NOTES Use only the battery provided. Charge the battery provided with this product only in accordance with the instructions and limitations specified in this manual. If the handset will not be used for a long time, disconnect and remove the battery to prevent possible leakage. • • • Check the battery level After you have installed the battery, check the battery level on the handset screen. If the battery icon is , or , then go to Before use section to set the date and time, and set the answering system through voice guide. If the..

Turn off the new voicemail indicators - Page 2

Caller ID If you subscribe to caller ID service, information about each caller appears after the first or second ring. If you answer a call before the caller information appears on the screen, it will not be saved in the caller ID log. The caller ID log stores up to 30 entries. Each entry has up to 24 digits for the phone number and 15 characters for the name. If the telephone number has more that 15 digits, only the last 15 digits appear. If the name has more than 15 characters, only the first 15 characters are shown and saved in the caller ID log. Review a caller ID log entry Press CID wh..

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